Conclusion of indian caste system

Electorates for other religions, such as Islam and Sikhism, remained separate. Untouchables, not technically included in the cast system but instead are considered below it, and the existence of this group is a change in textiles. They lived upright and honest lives and dreaded the retribution of bad karma.

The Caste System

They also often perform purification rituals for caste transgressions which invite lot of public criticism. This law was upheld by the Supreme Court in an interim order in but it constituted a Constitution bench to look further into the issue.

Many new occupations are there in which people from all castes are engaged. It has gone through many changes, both with the coming and going of the British, and Just with the toils of time itself. Being created from the feet the sudras were considered to be the carriers of others.

The Islamic community ummah strongly resembles the Sangha established by the Buddha, with an emphasis on using community as a vehicle towards a deeper communion not only with others, but also with the Ultimate God or Buddha; take your choice.

Hiuen Tsang who visited India during the reign of Harshavardhana noticed that the caste system dominated the Hindu society. Its rigidity and continued practice exposed the weaker sections of society to unjust exploitation by the socially and politically privileged groups in the name of religion and tradition.

This machine could mean the end of untouchability.

Conclusion Caste, Class and Power

In other states like Karnataka the buttle is mainly between two dominant castes Lingayats and Okkliga. The law books not only justified rigid caste system but prescribed severe punishments in case of violation. The caste system promoted division of labor and specialization of knowledge which helped each family perfect and improve their vocational skills and continue them from generation to generation.

Their dominance or suppression cause people to act and behave differently and make them fit for certain types of occupations. The word, caste, has several meanings and is hard to explain by itself.

And yet we know of members of higher castes who managed to preserve their purity by refusing to eat meals cooked on board, or by securing exemption from the most impure tasks Carter The election procedures done much to encourage the caste system because the candidates ant to achieve their ends by propagating casteism among the others.

However, he does understand when Sarshar mentions the imminent arrival of the flushing toilet in India, a machine that eradicates the need for humans to handle refuse. Caste conflicts often lead to violence and bloodshed in the rural areas and college campuses.

Furthermore, in renovated temples, the spatial organisation restricts access to the divine image to the priest alone, thus preserving it from pollution by the devotees.

Essay On The Caste System In India

The British took the first steps to end the intolerance of the untouchables by making their punishment for crimes equal to that of all the castes, and giving them and other low caste members the opportunity to move up in society if they gained wealth or education.

The Ahir, Chamar and Dusadh, for instance, were well represented numerically, making it possible for them to respect endogamy and strengthen their caste identity. Caste system created a class of individuals who were regarded as untouchables and treated as less than human beings.

The caste system is a blistering and festering ancient sore of Hindu society that evokes painful memories and keeps the Hindu society divided for ever. Sohini agrees and hurries home with the water. The new world had its own slave system practiced for nearly two centuries.

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The solution to this intolerance will not be simple, but will hopefully help to one day allow India to escape the binding ways of the caste system. After negotiations, Gandhi reached an agreement with Ambedkar to have a single Hindu electorate, with Dalits having seats reserved within it.

In Indian general elections, it fills more than one-seventh of the seats in India's Parliament and, such is the state's caste-based and sometimes violent politics that, currently a. That is the Indian caste-system in short. k Views.

Aayushi Girdhar, Indian caste system was a result of the hindu belief that In conclusion, the caste system was a result of malicious social manipulations by upper-castes based on the flawed understanding of birth and genetics.

[1]. The Indian caste system: Modes of training This whole caste system in India came when there were no formal training centers for any particular profession.

Short Essays on the role of caste in Indian politics

Suppose your father was a blacksmith, so at the age of 6, the moment you were ready, you started playing around with the hammer and anvil. a profound impact on the modern day caste system.

It is thought that ―Indian society was last section provides some conclusion. II. Brief Literature Review There is a large amount of literature on poverty and the caste system in India. The sources often describe the link between the two. Untouchable: Untouchable, in traditional Indian society, the former name for any member of a wide range of low-caste Hindu groups and any person outside the caste system.

Conclusion. At the end of your jouney you will have learned about one of the four major Indian castes. These castes influence every part of Indian history, both ancient and modern.

Conclusion Caste, Class and Power

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring more and more about ancient Indian history and .

Conclusion of indian caste system
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