Conclusion on legalizing marijuana

Over the long run, Ohio would most certainly benefit from a full citizenry that is ready to contribute productively rather than having to rely on the government for assistance.

Having the ability to regulate and control the use and possession of marijuana among U. Patients suffering from acute conditions who can benefit from cannabis use should not be subjected to the same treatment as criminal peddling, or using cannabis for recreational purposes.

For several decades now, many youngsters have believed that smoking marijuana is no big deal—it simply helps to stave off stress and to have fun. One of the nice things about this potential policy is that it allows for multiple streams of improvement. Marijuana users are present in all twelfth grades with twelfth grade students reporting that amphetamines are the easiest drugs that could be obtained by them.

For instance, increased chances of accidents, lower level of productivity, and augmented probabilities of anxiety as well as distress conditions among people are the social costs to be paid by the society that are significantly excess of financial revenues earned by the government.

The next principle is described as set and setting.

Effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado

Both over the short run and the long term, the state of Ohio would become more productive, and it would be able to put its money into more productive things. He is the co-author of the book, Marijuana Is Safer: The users of marijuana have more chances to use other lethal drugs like LSD and heroin.


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Zimmer Other side effects of marijuana are different psychological problems like depression, anxiety, and anger. Legalizing marijuana will have a long-term benefit in this way, but it is difficult to quantify that impact at the time being. Based on the material presented and the information obtained while conducting research on the topic of legalizing marijuana, the logical notion would be to legalize marijuana.

State legislatures have ignored the signs of potential advantages of legalizing marijuana for years. A stitch in time saves nine essay words of praise A stitch in time saves nine essay words of praise university of florida gainesville application essay top essays of pay it forward movie review essay sociology marxism view on crime and deviance essays prezi logos ethos pathos essay.

Psychoactive Drugs of Misuse: While at the same time, people are curious as to how a substance, such as marijuana, that controversially could result in more advantages than disadvantages, has yet to become legal.

Researchers at Montana State University, the University of Colorado, and San Diego State University assessed rates of suicide in the years before and after the passage of statewide medical marijuana laws.

There are groups of people that grow up using marijuana and there are studies and reports on these groups, plus peer-reviewed articles on the same. Aug 13,  · In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized because it is very useful in the medical profession. It will also allow for money spent on enforcement to be spent more wisely thus increasing revenue.

Marijuana could generate billions annually if it were taxed and sold in regulated shops. Marijuana Conclusion After evaluating the effects, addictiveness and their impacts, marijuana was rated as having a moderate impact (a 2) on the consumers.

Marijuana is made of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant (Cannabis Saliva). Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana Introduction (problem and purpose) Literature Review (2 opposing positions) Current federal law prohibiting marijuana Medical marijuana Pros for legalization Cons for legalization Recreational marijuana Pros for legalization Cons for legalization Other uses of marijuana Hemp products Cannabis oil remedies III.

Five Scientific Conclusions About Cannabis That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

States' Legalization of Marijuana Essay An Essay on States' Legalization of Marijuana A1 A1: Your title should be direct and clear, so readers understand what the paper will be about.

This title page and the paper that follows it is written in APA format. legalizing marijuana Essays: Overlegalizing marijuana Essays, legalizing marijuana Term Papers, legalizing marijuana Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. CONCLUSIONS. For the last decade, concern with health hazards attributable to marijuana has been rising. The hearts, lungs, reproductive functions, and mental abilities of children have been reported to be threatened by marijuana, and such threats are not to be taken lightly.

Conclusion on legalizing marijuana
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